Episode 7

March 01, 2023


Don't Be A Girl Boss Hater (Ft. Grace Bahler)

Don't Be A Girl Boss Hater (Ft. Grace Bahler)
Don't Be Gay
Don't Be A Girl Boss Hater (Ft. Grace Bahler)

Mar 01 2023 | 00:47:21


Show Notes

 Hello everyone! This week we have a truly special guest on the podcast, one of our dearest friends and also one of Chicago's finest comics, Grace Bahler! Grace talks about how her love of comedy and performing came into fruition, being biligual, and what it really means to be a girl boss. We also talk about doing mushrooms, dating as a comedian, and how truly important it is to believe in yourself, no matter what! This week you all are in store for some fun and good vibes in your earpods, so listen and enjoy!!



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Grace; https://www.instagram.com/veryspontaneous/?hl=en

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