Episode 4

February 01, 2023


Don't Be A Troll (Ft. Cassidy Kulhanek)

Don't Be A Troll (Ft. Cassidy Kulhanek)
Don't Be Gay
Don't Be A Troll (Ft. Cassidy Kulhanek)

Feb 01 2023 | 00:49:53


Show Notes

Hello there! This week we are very excited to have the incredibly talented and hilarious Cassidy Kulhanek on the podcast! The three talk about all things Social Media, and Cassidy tells us the origin of their Iconic Instagram name how to create memorable content! They discuss being featured on Bustle, Elon Musk's unfortunate purchase of Twitter, and talk about how social media can influence your body image. Also Cassidy talks about being disrespected at a Holiday Market, and Shawn learns about the origin of Reese's candy! Grab a seat and get ready to get schooled in the art of Social Media!



Shawn; https://www.instagram.com/bankzzyy/

Josh; https://www.instagram.com/thejoshham/

Cassidy; https://www.instagram.com/heavenlygrandpa/?hl=en

Podcast; https://www.instagram.com/dontbegaypodcast/

The Lincoln Lodge; https://www.instagram.com/thelincolnlodge/

Theme music by Becca Nix Tham!

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